peru by nathan miller chocolate

peru by nathan miller chocolate


Peru 72% by Nathan Miller Chocolate

How does it taste?  Carmel, dulce de leche, fruity. 

What pairs well with it?Pairs with a wide variety of red wines, cheese, fruit, nuts, or ice cream. Peru is also great in recipes and is a great buildable base flavor.

Praise Reviewed in the New York Times by Pete Wells, Pete called it unusual & easy to like, somewhat similar to how we'd describe Nathan!

Ingredients Dark chocolate made with direct trade cacao, organic cane sugar, & organic cacao butter.

Allergens Vegan friendly. Gluten, dairy, & soy free. NMC does use tree nuts, dairy, & gluten in the factory following all industry cleansing policies.

Maker process

This single origin chocolate is crafted from bean to bar by our 10 employee team lead by Nathan Miller & Chelsea Russo. We start with the raw beans that are hand sorted for quality. Once sorted we roast the cacao, stone grind until the mouth feel of the chocolate lets us know it's time to remove (usually around 3 days), and temper in small batch. Once the bars are molded, our team inspects each one for cosmetic beauty & uniform look. To finish of this item we wrap it in a handmade craft paper that's hand dyed, sun dried on screens, & sustainably produced. We hope that as you enjoy this bar - the feel, taste, & experience is a unique pleasure. 

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