So what is Urban Ancestor?

Urban Ancestor is a collection of home + kitchen goods, curated to encourage simple living.  Most of the objects are handmade or produced by small companies.  Each piece is simple, stylish and functional.  Urban Ancestor was conceptualized by Alesia Lucas, the owner of George-Mary's LLC.  Those who are attracted to Urban Ancestor have a sincere appreciation for the tried and the true, both the old and the new in home + kitchen goods.  We like to think of our customers as the movers and the shakers, creativepreneurs & the nouveau classics. Cheers to you who appreciate simple, yet intentional living!

Goods may be purchased from the Urban Ancestor tab on www.shopgeorgemarys.com; in our Starkville George-Mary's store located at 113B South Lafayette St., Starkville, MS; or directly from our Instagram feed by commenting with your selection.

Urban Ancestor is owned and operated by George-Mary's LLC.

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