fireside candle

fireside candle


This thoughtfully designed ceramic container candle will make any space brighter.

Standard Wax signature ceramic candles are meant to be a permanent piece of art in your home, even after the flame is extinguished. Just wipe out any excess wax and reuse the container however you fancy. Each container can hold your pens or plants, spare change or screwdrivers, makeup brushes or marble collections. The possibilities are endless.

Fragrance Profile: Fireside
Fireside is a walk in the woods with the scent of crackling wood from a nearby fireplace wafting through the cool air. Cedarwood and sandalwood brighten up the earthiness of the charred notes.

  • Raw ceramic container with a matte black interior

  • 100% soy wax

  • Available in 10.5oz (60 hour burn time)

Only 6 available
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