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I T  I S  W E L L

by Alesia Lucas

It Is Well.  Such a simple phrase, with huge impact on my soul and way of thinking.  Acceptance of our current circumstances, is most definitely easier said than done, especially when those circumstances are less than desirable.  This song has truly carried me to a higher way of thinking, after hearing why the song was written.

Horatio Spafford, was a successful lawyer and business man, who experienced more trauma in his life than any person should have to endure.  His son died at the age of 2, his business was destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, his 4 daughters drowned during a shipwreck on their journey from America to Europe, and another son died of scarlet fever several years later.   After the drowning of his daughters, Horatio was inspired to draft “It Is Well”.  What a powerful mindset - to choose to accept the circumstances, despite the heartache.

Those around him considered the chain of events divine punishment from God.  However, Horatio took his circumstances, and continued to serve the Lord by creating a new sect of the Presbyterian Church called “The Overcomers”, along with his wife.  They relocated and engaged in many forms of philanthropic work, helping others in honor of the Lord.  

Why would God place so many burdens on a person’s lifetime?  We also may think the same thing about circumstances far less traumatic than Horatio’s.  But we the same, can also choose to overcome – to press on in serving the Lord.  Regardless of our circumstances, we should choose to say “It Is Well”.   I encourage you to consider Horatio next time you hear the song, and choose contentment.

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Telegram from Horatio’s wife, following the shipwreck & drowning of his four daughters.