S T Y L E + M O T H E R H O O D

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S T Y L E  &  M O T H E R H O O D   


By Alesia Lucas

Repeat after me: I will not sacrifice my appearance simply because I am a mother. 

Who made the rule that said that “after motherhood, forget about style - function and practicality is your only option”? That rule is null and void. Now, there are so many ways to mesh top-notch fashion with function. I am so glad that designers have found a way to convenience all of the mamas out there striving to make a living, raise their babies and pursue a career – all while standing out as a stylish woman. Throw on a t-shirt or white sneakers with your dress or trousers and – voila! You have practical high fashion made to move with you. 

I love my job. I love my store.  I love my small town. However, when it came to personal style, my options were limited. Most stores, while very fashionable, were marketed towards the “I want to wear crop tops and hot pants” college gals. This mama no longer can wear those things. I needed style + function + home all bundled into one place.  I wanted to have access to certain products with ease. My vision for George-Mary’s was to create a store that would cater to these needs, while also providing a place for men in the same stage of life to come and find products that they will love and carry along with them in life. As George-Mary’s was born and started to grow, I found that I was not alone! So many of us “movers & shakers” were craving a fresh breath of air in Starkville. Boom! I have found my calling. I love seeing my customers come back and thank me for carrying products that they can actually live in, while also making a fashion statement & chasing after those sweet babies.  We love to listen to our customers’ needs and mesh that into who we want George-Mary’s to be: a modern general store for the movers and shakers of our local area. 

We recently did a photo shoot with Masa Hensley (Masa Kathryn Photography) & model Holly Harrell.  It is always so comforting to be surrounded by creative, stylish mothers who love to share their secrets to remaining stylish while balancing newborn life, work and travel, daily schedules and more! Below, they have shared a few quotes that sum up style + motherhood.

"I think that being a mother calls for your style to evole from being fashionable to functional.  Having both of those elements simultaneously in an outfit puts the pep back in my step that somtimes gets buried in the mounds of dishes and laundry that build up between the mama duties" - Holly Harrell (newborn mom)

"everything must cover the fats parts and have easy access for breastfeeding" - Holly Harrell

"Style does not discriminate, no matter what your walk of life is. Find your own and cultivate it." -Alesia Lucas

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