Solo Dating


What exactly is a Solo Date?  Why would anyone even consider going on a date by themselves...with themselves?  Well if you ask any woman out there who has been on one too many bad dates - you would probably learn that sometimes it's just easier to just not go.  If you ask any mom out there who is craving time to herself.... she would say yes let me go on a solo date, NOW PLEASE!  


I recently worked a local event for George-Mary's, during one of the warmer fall months in the South.  It was intense gathering all the goods that would be sold, transporting to the location, battling parking, then transporting to our booth.  After the event, I was exhausted, yet extremely happy with the turnout and the entire night as a general.  So, I felt that I should reward myself... with a cocktail.  However, most everyone I would celebrate with was headed home, and the hubs was at home babysitting.  Hence, my decision to go on a solo date.  I chose my very favorite local venue, Restaurant Tyler, and headed in that direction.  It was late, the restaurant was about to close, and there was nobody at the bar.  Most people would think, what a bummer.  I, however, thought, "This. Is. Perfect,".  I grabbed a bar stool, ordered my favorite Malbec, and sat there and enjoyed the silence, the music, the weight of my feet and the simple atmosphere of a calm night cap.  It was only 30 minutes, but it was the best solo date I have ever been on.  


Most of you probably know, but time alone is VITAL to your sanity.  It gives you time to hear your own thoughts and feelings, sort them out, and decide what the next best move or decision is.  We often times spend too much time listening to what the world has to say on every matter, instead of listening to our own soul's intuition.  It may not always be the right decision to follow our own intuition or decisions --- but doing so allows personal growth of the mind, body and soul.  Sometimes trial, error and failure lead to the best experiences.


With that said, I highly recommend taking time to go on a solo date of  your own.  Whatever the occasion or venue may be - take it.  If your innermost being is craving it, the need is there.  Make it happen.  Share your experiences with us!  We would love to hear how your Solo Date goes and what you chose to do!  Email us at

Photos: Courtesy of Brittney Dowell

Venue: Restaurant Tyler bar

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