Autumn Nostalgia

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What is it that we love so much about the fall season?  It’s the crispness of dawn and dusk, the newness of the season, the changing of the earth’s colors and atmosphere and the feeling of relief from the burden of summer’s heat.  We crave the feeling of excitement of our senses, a desire for change...or a weekend getaway!  Our fall shoot was inspired by nostalgic memories of family weekend trips, camping and picnicing in the woods.

We traveled to Pike Farms Cane Corsos and Cattle, (Starkville, MS) – a farm that perfectly embodied the natural, earthy feel of our childhood memories. As we approached, you feel the coolness of dusk setting in as the evening light trickled through the branches, beginning to shed their leaves.  Chill bumps arose on our arms and neck, as we could sense the relief from summer and each person’s excitement for the season to come. All we could think about was gathering together, eating, drinking, laughing and carrying on with our most dear friends and family. 

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As we watched photographer, Masa Kathryn Hensley, snap photos of the models walking lightly through the forest, you could hear the crackling of fallen leaves and wind rustling through the surrounding foliage. Instantly, I was taken back to playing with childhood friends and family, on our weekend getaways to the forest.  I could feel my soul smiling as I enjoyed each memory.

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The warm light and all of the tones the forest gave off paired beautifully with the rustic yet gentle colors of the shoot. Every detail of the forest had traces of every inspiration we had when creating what we wanted our fall aesthetic to be – warm, lovely, natural, and down to earth.  Stylist, Aubrey James had set the most perfect autumn table setting with some of her personal favorites, as well as goods from Urban Ancestor.  Again, I was touched with flash backs of autumn family dinners where we all gathered, sang, ate and laughed.  I was left inspired to carry these memories back to my home and to carry on all of our fall traditions.

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We hope you as well with be inspired by our shoot!  We will have so many beautiful apparel and home items for you to cozy up that little nook in your home.  Sweaters, cozy socks,  thermals, pottery, candle and more!

Thank you for following us! And a big thank you to all of those who participated in this shoot! Masa Kathryn Hensley (photographer), Aubrey James (Journey James - Interior Decorator/Stylist/Tablescape Artist), Caitlin Gardner (Intern), Sarah Holmes (Model), Hannah Miller (Model).

Author: Caitlin Gardner (Intern)

Co-Author: Alesia Lucas (Found/Owner of George-Mary's)


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