March Minimalism


We all know the feeling of stress that weighs us down after a long day of class, work, or whatever it may be that consumes your time. It seems that after one these days, we simply long to go home and relax.  Unfortunately, we are unable get that true feeling of comfort in our homes, (thanks to filth, chaos and disorder), which in turn make it difficult for us to unwind and destress. Using minimalism in our homes and daily lives is a way that we can achieve the goal of being stress free.

            Often times, we come home to an unorganized and cluttered house. Overly busy decorations, too many color patterns, and competing home décor that lacks cohesiveness, throughout your home, can leave us with a feeling of disarray. However, when we use clean, soft lines in our home, we naturally feel calm and our minds view our homes as being tidy and composed. To achieve this calm, collected aesthetic, we can use neutral color palettes and minimalist elements such as amber apothecary glass, eucalyptus, foliage and other simple, yet functional pieces.



            Shifting the way we do some of our daily tasks can make a world of difference to our stress levels – quickly and easily. We can make simple changes here and there to achieve a feeling of composure when doing the most frivolous of tasks. When we go to the grocery store we can use large straw market bags, as opposed to flimsy plastic bags. A straw market bag is much easier to carry, benefits the environment, and not to mention they’re just pretty.

            Another way to incorporate minimalism in our daily tasks is homemade cleaning supplies. These supplies are extremely simple and inexpensive to create. Several everyday cleaning supplies can be made with common household items such as baking soda, warm water, white vinegar, and dish soap. Once we make these supplies, we can store them in natural-looking containers such as mason jars and glass bottles. This is a cost-effective alternative to the typical household cleaning items we purchase, which will also benefit the environment by minimizing the number of disposable goods we use, which will in turn leave you feeling accomplished, clean and relaxed at home.


            Minimalism is all about using simplicity to find freedom from a cluttered life, home, and mind. These minimalist tactics we can use to de-stress are only a few of the many. When we use these minimalist strategies, our homes immediately feel bright, open, and put together which lead us to have the same feeling of tranquility in our minds and our overall lives.

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Author: Caitlin Gardner (Intern)

Editor: Alesia Lucas (Founder/Owner of George-Mary's)


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