New Year's Reformations

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New Year's Reformations


New Years resolutions – every year we challenge ourselves to tackle goals that we’ve set time and time again, promising that we’ll actually accomplish them this time around. Whether we tell others about them or simply keep them to ourselves, we can’t deny that these resolutions consume a good bit of our thoughts throughout the month of January.

But somehow, it seems that we always miss out on some of the most beneficial resolutions. It seems that we get so caught up in focusing our efforts to only appear like we have perfected our lives that we forget that we have the option to actually make our lives exactly what we want them to be. Let's choose not to make resolutions, but to make reformations.  Let's choose to reform ourselves and lives daily to make a visible difference in the way we live.


We live in a world so caught up in showing everyone our superficial “best” through social media...but what would happen if we gave that up to just let go and live. We need to challenge ourselves to live – simply, adventurously, wholly, and with purpose. Choose to reform your daily routine to make a better you. 


Imagine a world where we all lived more simply. Imagine if we focused our energy on helping others. We would probably appreciate the little things such as our favorite coffee shops and loved ones a bit more deeply, after glancing into the life of another. Maybe if we spent more time realizing the value of every simple thing we have in our lives instead of taking it for granted, we would be more joyful people.

Be adventurous.

To live more adventurously can mean a number of different things to a number of different people. Maybe it’s finally taking that leap of faith to go after that job you’ve always wanted. To some, it might mean to get out of living the same routine day to day – maybe go explore a part of your town that you’ve never gotten around to seeing. Some may need to dare to apologize, forgive, or even love again. No matter if it’s as simple as getting out of a routine or as crazy as leaving town without a plan for a bit – let’s challenge ourselves to live more daring and adventurously.

Take Action.

As humans, we all strive to be the best version of ourselves. We want to excel in our careers, relationships, and our own personal growth. To do this, we should live with purpose every day. We can set day to day goals for ourselves that don’t even have to be huge issues to tackle. They can be simple, still bring satisfaction to us, and work towards our efforts to be the reform ourselves for the better.

The world we live in today can be very superficial and because of this we often forget to live wholly. We forget that only looking healthy and well doesn’t make us who we are. It’s how we act and the way we treat others that reflects on what is in our hearts. Smiling at strangers, saying hello, sacrificing your time to listen to a friend in need, sharing your true feelings, being more kind – this is what makes us who we are, this is living wholly, and this is a resolution that everyone can benefit from.

This year let’s challenge ourselves to tackle resolutions that may be difficult and out of our comfort zone at some times. Let’s teach ourselves how to live the lives we’ve always longed for and love the lives that will bring ourselves and our loved ones joy.


Credits. Author: Caitlin Gardner (Intern); Editor: Alesia Lucas (Founder); Photographer: Masa Kathryn Photography

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