When thinking of the holidays, it seems safe to say that most of us picture pure chaos created by a busy family running around trying to cook, clean, wrap, shop, and anything else that goes on as an attempt to make the holiday season a perfect one. We often forget one of the main reasons of why we get together with loved ones during the holidays – to celebrate the small window of opportunity where we can take a step back from the crazy demands of every day life and appreciate the time we are able to spend with each other – and hosting a Friendsgiving is a wonderful way to take advantage of this opportunity.

When it comes to the planning and execution of a Friendsgiving, there is no need to go great lengths with trying to make it some extravagant event. For our Friendsgiving, we chose to meet at one of the couples’ (Dylan and Masa Hensley) beautiful home. Everyone wore a variety of cozy sweaters, suede hats, dark wash jeans, dresses, and fall booties. We all brought a dish to contribute to the dinner menu which was made up of pork tenderloin, rice, green beans and potatoes, corn flake casserole, macaroni and cheese, and a cinnamon roll bake for dessert – all very easy and simple dishes but nonetheless delicious.

Our host, Masa, most definitely has a knack for hosting and decorating so she took care of the overall setup and table décor. She chose to seat us in the backyard at a lovely, warmly decorated wooden dinner table. She used simple yet elegant dinnerware, a mixture of white and gold candles, and lush greenery to reflect an autumn aesthetic. All of these elements were tied together beautifully by minimalist details such as pieces of greenery tied around napkins with twine.  The event was was a quaint and unforgettable experience that we will be relived in the future.

Credits: Caitlin Gardner (Intern/Author); Alesia Lucas (Owner,Director,Editor); Masa Kathryn Hensley (Hostess & Visual Artist)


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