George-Mary's is a carefully curated multi-brand men’s, women’s and home goods online store, headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi. It strives to bring a fresh array of clothing, accessories, jewelry, housewares to the local area by way of it's pop-up-shop appearances and through the online store.  George-Mary's is the exclusive home of the brand’s in-house designed graphic Mississippi Mirror designed t-shirt.


The brand was founded by owner Alesia Lucas in 2014, and began operation online in March 2016.  She aspires to continue creating noteworthy graphic goods, as well as expand her presence more prominently in the men's & home goods sectors of the store.



History of Our Store Name

When planning the concept behind George-Mary's - I wanted to create a company and retail atmosphere that was a nouveau classic. Something that would encompass the tried and true classics in mens' & womens's fashion, as well as home objects, while at the same time depicting the trends of the current time. After an enormous amount of brainstorming it made sense to go with the tried and true classic names of both mine and my husband's families - George & Mary. All of the George's on each side were classic in fashion and equally hard workers - men that could be described as rugged yet refined. They loved the outdoors but also loved to have a fashionable groomed appearance. My grandmother, Mary Ann, was a product of the Great Depression and grew up with the necessity to sew her own clothes. She carried a love for sewing until the day she died. I spent many hours at the feet of her sewing machine gathering pins she could by see or get to, and admiring her walls of beautiful fabrics. She unquestionably inspired my love for fashion. Since my store's purpose is to offer our customers with local goods for man, woman and home - I decided to combine the names to create our name, George-Mary's. And here we are! We plan to continue to grow into our brand as time progresses. We hope to continue to have your support as we refine our provisions to our brand's identity. Thank you all for your support thus far and into the future.